International School Of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy

Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision

The International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy reviewed and revised the Vision Statement as follows: As individuals seeking to lead a healthier lifestyle through improved beauty and wellness practices, the Vision for ISSNMT is to continue to be a leader in providing the educational requirements for one of the fastest growing occupations nationally.

Our Mission

The mission of the International School of Skin, Nailcare & Massage Therapy is to provide the fundamental training necessary to prepare individuals for career opportunities in the Skin Care, Nailcare, Cosmetology and Massage Therapy and Vocational Education Teaching industries. Graduates will be qualified to sit for the Georgia State Boards (Massage Therapy and Cosmetology/Barbering) Licensing Examinations and, will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to complete the exams successfully. Additionally, students will acquire the marketable skills needed to meet the needs of the specific industries for entry level positions such as Estheticians, Nail Technicians, Massage Therapists, Cosmetologists, and industry Instructors.