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Welcome Letter

Welcome Letter from the Leadership Team

Dear Prospective Students,

On behalf of all our students, faculty, and staff, we are happy to welcome you to the International School of Skin, Nailcare and Massage Therapy. We are pleased that you have elected to partner with the school to pursue your goals in the beauty and wellness industries. The ISSNMT mantra is that “we do not enroll students; rather, we enroll individuals who have a desire to be successful graduates and professionals.” Our expectation of an ISSNMT student is great and the progressive teaching methods are designed to produce a consummate professional with more than the basic skills to pass State Board examinations. We encourage individuality, creativity, and the inquisitive individual. Our approach to instruction includes theory, clinic/lab experiences as well as instilling professionalism in each student. The number one client at ISSNMT is the employer seeking to hire our graduates. We utilize our talented and professional instructors to build our product for that number one client – YOU. As a student here, you are the product of the educational process. We take immense pride in building the absolute best product for the beauty and wellness industry. It is your time to turn your passion into a career. Congratulations for taking that first step on your journey to a different future. Our goal for you is to have a long career that will make you happy and successful for many years to come. We will applaud you through every step of that journey.


Successfully Yours,

The Campus Leadership Team

Pamela Jones, Campus President

Jon Cartmell, Dean of Faculty and Students

Michael Johnson, Director of Career and Student Services

Rachel Oneal, Director of Financial Services

Lannie Swangim, Senior Program Director: Cosmetology and Nailcare

Kazumi Thacker, Program Director, Cosmetology

Scott Crewes, Program Director: Massage Therapy

Marquavia Whitehead, Skin Care Ambassador, Skin Care

Sheila Kitchens, Director of Salon and Spa Services

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